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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 15, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it is a friday. we hope it's a smooth commute. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. laura garcia-cannon has the day off? >> she's feeling under the weather this morning. we are giving her a break. we want to get to the forecast with christina. >> the weather is getting nice and going to be bert for the weekend. we are starting out ten degrees warmer than yesterday. you might not need the heavy jacket this morning. as we head throughout the afternoon, the temperatures climb to the 70s in some cities. if you are putting off the spring kreining, no excuses. the entire forecast. what we are looking forward to. we have the traffic with mike. >> a nice easy drive and steady shot. the wind is not playing a part in it.
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we'll take a live look in the south bay where the photographer is safely on the side of 101. we'll watch for this to build upright about 630. we heard of a new accident in livermore. i'll get you more details. another milestone at the bay bridge, the centerpiece tower is about to get taller this morning. kimberly is live at the bridge this morning to see if it's going to impact your commute. >> reporter: this is a big step forward, right, in getting the towering centerpiece completed. later this morning, it will grow 15 feet taller. shouldn't impact your commute unless you are stopping to look at the construction. construction crews will set the fifth steel segment bringing it to 495 feet. it's 94% of the final height. after the project is completed,
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there's one last piece to be put in place. that will be done later on. the tower will be brought up to 525 feet. construction on the third section began in july. the $6.2 billion project is still on schedule to be completed by 2013. again, crews will be setting the fifth section of the tower at 10:00 a.m. it will raise it another 15 feet and will be just 30 feet shy of the final height at that point. live on treasure island, today in the bay. >> making great progress, thanks. dog walkers looking over their shoulders after a dog and its owner were attacked by a pair of pit bulls. highway 680 marks the spot. then you see a person attacked wednesday night around midnight. we have pictures of the
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injuries. you have already seen them. her lip is ripped. she has bite mark on her leg, her hands are torn up and most of all, she lost her dog. she had to be put down because of its injuries. [ inaudible ] >> we usually come here at night like 9:00, 10:00. >> animal control went door-to-door asking people if they know where the pit bulls live. so far, they have not found either dog. police have identified a suspect in the third homicide of the year. they are looking for a 24-year-old of san jose. he murdered jeffrey on the 23rd. the two exchanged words and then he pulled out a handgun, shot
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and ran. he is a cambodian, 180 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. he's considered armed and dangerous. the deadly explosion in san bruno may have been triggered bay crew doing electrical work. a group of private contractors they were working at a terminal when they turned off what they thought was an unused breaker. when it was shut off, it could have causes a power surge on the pipelines, just two hours before the explosion. they are still investigating this and will issue a final report. jurors are going to get a break in the chauncey bailey trial before they return on monday. why he did not record the first private meeting with.
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he says brusard asked for privacy and didn't seem reasonable to leave a recording device in the room. brusard admitted to killing bailey. they are now on trial for bailey's murder. this morning, more than a dozen convicted criminals may get to appeal their case santa clara county pediatrician was fired after allegations he sexually molested foster children in his care. now they could allow defense attorneys to appeal cases in which klein was an expert witness. police have investigated the allegations but so far he had not been charged with a crime. he insists he's being falsely accused. >> county wide elections illegal.
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they filed suit yesterday claiming the counties at large balloting system is racially polarizing and dilutes their voting power. the two ethnic groups make up a quarter of the population. one latino and no asian americans have been on the board of supervisors since 1995. lawyers say there's no evidence the at-large system increases racial biases and has nothing to do with who gets elected. a better idea of how the giants fan attacked at the dodgers stadium is doing. doctors are reducing the level of sedation and bringing him out of a coma. he'll undergo more testing so doctors can evaluate the extent of his head trauma. the outpouring of support continues for stow's family. tim lincecum donated $25,000 to help pay stow's medical bills.
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a security crackdown has two dozen fans trading in gloves for handcuffs. we are joined by john from the stadium. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning to you. looking around the stadium, you couldn't go in or get to the bathroom without seeing an lapd officer here in force armed and suited up looking at what was happening inside and outside the stadium to help fans feel safe. it was evident. they arrested 38 people last night. mainly open containers or public intoxication. there's a strict security mesh sure to reassure fans it's safe. as you mentioned, he remains in a coma this morning. the owners of the dodgers don't want a repeat. they want fans to know safety is
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a priority. >> we are going to move forward and make sure the legacy of this event are permanent changes at dodgers stadium. >> this is an incident that should not define the city or this team. it should not define this stadium. >> reporter: the alleged attackers, two men remain at large. the lapd remain to receive tips. lapd cannot keep up the high security throughout the season. they will be here throughout the weekend. reporting live from dodgers stadium. >> john, thank you. a landslide is forcing closures on highway one. the latest is at the creek, 64 miles south of caramel. we do not know how long it might be closed or how long for crews to make repairs. it's been closed on and off north of big sir where part of the road slipped into the sea.
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now, this other one is stretched there. they have a lot of problems. >> hopefully the rain and stuff is done. 5:08 now. good morning, christina. >> good morning. the rain is done at least for the weekend in the north bay. we could see a few light showers sneak in. the south bay, peninsula and east bay we'll see a really, really nice weekend. let me show you the set up. we have interesting things happen out there. a few light showers with a storm track to the north in the north bay. today, a 30% chance. the chance turns over to a 15% chance in the peninsula. wherever you are waking up, it should be warmer for you. the storm system is pushing a few clouds into santa rosa. we are seeing few light showers push in as well. look where we are headed. it just gets better. take a look at where we are headed sunday. maybe a few showers on monday.
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that's when the ridge of high pressure that will keep us nice and warm will head off to the east and break down a bit. a few showers are possible in the north bay. the storm track will be able to come into the area a bit. what's to come for next week. possibly the 80s. let's get to work with mike inouye. >> good morning. we have an update on the accident in livermore. first of all, 580 is moving smoothly. there's an accident involving a semitruck and a passenger vehicle. i was concerned. sounds like they are both on the side of the road. nobody is injured. looking over here through the caster valley toward the interchange 880 and 92, no problems. i just showed you the san mateo bridge. let's go to the nimitz freeway. friday light for much of the
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morning. this evening, the as are playing their 7:05 game. there's going to be post work traffic in the area. a lot of folks getting through town. there's going to be a heavier flow. the maze is looking good. the approach to the bay bridge is cleared south of 24. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. a california woman accused a popular dating website of setting her up with a convicted sex offender. the tech version of traffic school. copyright violators. an olympic medal and dancing with the stars title. christy yamma gucci gets an honor. live pictures of the bay bridge. a lot of krugs. we check in with
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welcome back to you, it's 5:13, you are looking at a live picture of san jose and the shark tank. a california woman is suing claiming she was matched up with a sex offender. she was sexually assaulted during her second day with this man. he is a registered sex offender in california. he's served time for other sexual assaults with women. they are asking match to begin screening the members. the site's attorney says that could create a false sense of security for users. ford is recalling 1.2 million vehicles. the air bag can deploy when it's not supposed to. it affects 2004 and 2006 models.
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so far, no accidents linked to the issue. nicole is live at cnbc with the rest of the business news before the bell. good morning, nicole. >> good morning, again, scott. futures are lower again this morning due to google reporting earnings last night. costs are soaring. on top of what they give out, they all got a 10% pay raise. stocks closed mixed yesterday in choppy trade. china reported sizzling economic data. we get consumer prices, industrial production and consumer sentiment numbers out today. the dow is rising 14 points to 12,285. the nasdaq was down one to 2760. also this morning, we are hearing sales of ebooks finally surpassed those of printed page for the first time.
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sales tripled in february and are up 169% this year. sales of paperback are down 25% this year. they say it's due to harsh winter weather, consumer spending and bankruptcy. ebooks got a post holiday boost. the tech version of traffic school, youtube is sending people who run a foul of copyright rules to copyright school. if they get a copyright notice, the user has to watch a tutorial, then answer four questions before they can upload videos. maybe youtube police will be at your door. >> stick to the cat videos. fair enough. nicole at cnbc, thank you very much. are you ready for the next wildfire or earthquake? the red cross is teaming up with
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pg&e today to train people in california to be prepared for the next big disaster. they will hold a press conference this afternoon for improved disaster readiness in 50 communities in california. between 11:00 this morning and 2:00 this afternoon, the red cross and workers will host a rally in union square to teach people about interactive games. let's check in with christina and a weekend forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you, gentlemen. we are looking good this weekend. 70 degree weather. it's going to be lovely out there. a cool start. not that bad. not cold. that's brent cannon, on the john deere, no excuses. i have a brent cannon icon. temperatures are looking good. the clouds are moving in. it's not going to be that
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beautiful. as we head throughout the afternoon, we will lose the cloud cover in the south bay and the east bay. a few showers sneaking into the bay. high pressure is dividing the state in half. southern california, clear skies, warm conditions. northern california, the storm track is pushing the rain in. we are kind of between. we are going to see this reaction push into the north bay. the rain is evaporating as it collides with the big ridge of high pressure. kind of one of those situations if you are headed to the north bay, bring a jacket, just in case. you could see light on and off showers. 48 in napa. 46 in san mateo. 50 degrees in san francisco. it should be beautiful if you are headed to santa cruz for the weekend. 66 degrees in redwood city and 68 in gilroy. temperature wise, warmer for tomorrow and sunday. that is the day to make the
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outdoor plans if you have the luxury. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much. kristi yamaguchi will be presented with the children's discovery museum legacy award for creating innovative kids playground in her home of fremont. it's the always dream play park. it's designed to alaw kids with disabilities to play alongside everyone else. >> good for her. time is 5:19. gas prices in california as we know are high. did you know, we did not have the highest prices in the country? we are going to tell you who pays more, coming up. how the an netflix delay is paying off for one company. what is causing slowdowns later on. 'll see t hheow the friday ligh is interrupted in a couple spots. the commute is coming up. back, .
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a live look outside. folks making their way into work this morning. we know california is notorious for the highest gas prices. if you have been to hawaii, you know what i'm talking about. a gallon of gas is $4.46 a gallon. it's 27 cents higher than the average price here in california. see, there you feel good. want to check in with mike and see if the roads are friday light. >> they are. a lot of roads in the bay area. a lot of folks using the high priced gas. we have an accident. actually two. the semi versus the passenger
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vehicle. there's major front end damage with the busted front wheel. we have another accident reported in that. that might be because of the distraction. watch it as you pass 580 through livermore. no slowing there, yet. we are looking at 20 minutes till we see the 61 come down to the 50s. probably the 40s over the next 20 minutes. we'll see the slowdown even though it's friday. venetian and carquinez bridge. at 2:00, slowing north near fairfield as folks get away toward tahoe. nice, nice snow there. a lot of folks are heading there. a live look shows the bay bridge construction that kimberly has been telling us about. they will raise a fifth section there starting at 10:00. there might be movement there. golden gate is clear. back to you. >> thanks, mike.
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a protest is under way at sacramento state. students are locked down in a campus building demanding changes. they began a sit-in as part of a rally held on all 23 csu campuses across the state to protest cuts. in sacramento, they took over a building. they want the president to promise no more raises for administrators and lower tuition fees. the arizona legislature has given final approval to the presidential birther bill. it requires presidential candidates to prove they are u.s. citizens before they can go on the ballot. so call birthers claim president obama was born in kenya. some people don't believe the documents. arizona is the first state to
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require proof of being born in america. a rocket launched overnight with a top secret code. it lifted off with a top secret payload. there was concern earlier this week that it would be scrubbed because of high wind. mother nature cooperated. it was a calm night for the launch. google is paying lots of money. >> it's not good news if you are a google investor. they look at two things, revenue coming in and the amount of money the company spends. google said thursday afternoon revenue was up, that's good news. but also that expenses skyrocketed by more than 50%. they hired thousands of new people and paid them some of the top salaries in high-tech. google is under pressure, investors asking themselves does
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the new ceo have a plan or just spending? you know how you have to wait to get new releases? they do that so you are tempted to buy the dvd instead of renting it. they say the plan is working. dvd sales are up since the studios implemented that 28-day delay. mark zuckerberg's harvard roommate had a chance to partner in facebook and didn't. >> you chose not to partner with mark, correct? your dad said don't get involved. >> do you still talk to your dad? >> i do. >> is that true? >> it is. yeah. my father is a professor at ucla. a previous zuckerburg project got us in trouble. i was pursuing my passion for politics.
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mark and i are still very, very close. >> "press: here" is 9:00 a.m. sunday. my other guest is interesting. stanley chang is head of meijer corporation. you have pots and pans he makes. >> we are not having oscar meyer? >> no. you could cook it in meijer pans. it's all made in vallejo. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. today is april 15th. don't panic. it is not tax deadline day, yet. we'll explain that, coming up. i'm bob redell. you know when you are a sheep and overdue for a haircut, it's time for an appointment with this e.we have we have shee sheering coming up in a live report. sh
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could you get arrested for
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shooting cell phone video of a crime? one man says he did. the latest caught on camera controversy. passing the cost on to you. how much pg&e plans to hike your rates so you stay safe. >> reporter: the bay bridge is safe. i'm kimberly teri. i'll tell you about a major step in construction coming up in a live report. there's another shot of the bay bridge. it's friday, april 15th. this is today in the bay. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. laura has the day off today. let's check the forecast. christina, good morning. >> good morning, gentlemen. we are looking fantastic. this is a day it's not going to be that bad. it's a friday. the temperatures are going to be
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really warm. a lot of people complaining about the cold weather around here. that's going to change. we are going to climb into the 70s for the weekend. 75 degrees for the end of the week. warmer for next weekend. the 80s. it looks like this dry pattern of warmth is what we are going to look forward to for the few coming days. we'll talk about a chance for showers over the weekend. let's get you to work with mike inouye. a couple things happening, huh? >> we are on 580. area boulevard, the accident involving a rig and passenger vehicle. they are both on the side of the road. then a second hit and run reported in the area. doesn't sound like there's activity in the area. it's done. there were two accidents westbound 580. watch for that. antioch holds up steady. back to you guys. >> all right, mike. thank you much. meanwhile, we are a step closer to seeing the completion
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of a $6.2 billion project. kimberly is live with more as construction crews get ready for the first piece. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. crews will start work at 10:00 a.m. this morning lifting the piece on top of the towering centerpiece on the bay bridge. you can see it sitting at the base of the tower waiting to go up. once on the tower, it will grow 15 feet. the section is called the grillage and will sit on top of the four sections previously set. they are comprised of four individual sections. this will sit on top of the legs, so to speak. after this is completed, there's one last piece to be put in place. that will be done later on this weir. it will bring the self-anchor suspension to 580 feet.
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it's set to be done by 2013. this is done in an effort to make the bay bridge seismically safe. >> kimberly, thank you. 5:32 now. cell phones and video cameras are everywhere. a new controversy is brewing over what you can record. if you take video of a crime, you could end up locked up and could violate your first amendment rights. video of a man taken ended up in handcuffs because he used his cell phone to record an arrest outside of his home. >> i'm going to take your phone. it's going to be evidence. >> civil liberties attorney jeff king says the 1980 privacy prosecution acts protects information gathered to share with the public. >> they have recognized a first amendment right to not be interfered with by police because you are documenting
5:34 am
police activity. >> in the vallejo case, the man behind the camera got a criation. they would not go on camera but they have seen the video and are investigating. a public memorial for a swim coach who died earlier this week. students at mission san jose high school will hold a vigil to honor joseph martinez, the water polo swim coach collapsed monday at his home. he died at the hospital. his father says he suffered from blood clots. a facebook page has been created in his honor. it's called joseph martinez was my friend/water polo/swim coach. you'll find details on the vigil tonight. pg&e has to fix pipelines and you are going to pay for it. stay legislatures granted a rate
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hike over four years. that money will pay for repairs and maintenance of the natural gas system. the average residential customer will see their bill go up 35 cents a month. by 2014, you could be paying $7 more per month than now. the increase was in the works before last year's deadly san bruno explosion. it's likely pg&e will ask for more rate hikes because of the investigation and when it settles there. a quick reminder, it is april 15th, but not tax day. it's a holiday in columbia. that means the irs is closed. tax day can't happen on a weekend. the true tax day is monday, april 18th. that is when your state and federal taxes are due. if you plan to file a tax extension, that, too, is due april 18th. >> chill a bit. >> wait until sunday. >> very hairy individuals in
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need of a haircut. si sors are not going to cut it. >> bob redell is live in san ramon to explain he's feeling sheepish, i believe. bob. >> reporter: brent and scott, you probably don't remember your first haircut. i don't either. this is frank the sheep, he's nine months old. tomorrow is sheep sheering day. we are going to get a demonstration from russ here. go ahead and take over here. have you seen a sheep be sheered? >> never. this is the first time ever. >> i have. >> reporter: okay. you have. it is quite a process. it does take a bit of a technique. patsy, come in here. explain what's going on here. first off, does a sheep enjoy this? i have seen it before. it's kind of like a pro-wrestling match. >> it can be.
5:37 am
this sheep is used to being handled. he's a bottle fed lam. >> reporter: wow. russ is going to be done soon. wla is an average sheep sheering time? >> i think two to three minutes. >> reporter: after you get the wool off, can you tell if the sheep is like oh, i'm glad to have this stuff off me like when we get a haircut? >> it is. they walk off. they don't recognize each other. >> really? >> because everyone's naked. it's like a nudist colony. that person needs their wool back on now. >> they seem immediately comfortable. >> reporter: okay. this is something else. russ how long you been doing this? >> i don't know. >> reporter: how many sheep have you sheered in your life? >> thousands. >> reporter: thousands. wow. look at this. it's just -- frank how you doing
5:38 am
there buddy? this is quite a process. okay. sheep sheering day 2001 is from 11:00 to 3:00 here at forest farms. it's off 580. excuse me, 680 near san ramon. it's right by the white victorian. they are going to try to sheer 50 sheep tomorrow, then they will be spinning the wool. quite a process. >> i think it's like watching sausage being made. you appreciate it but not necessarily -- >> i'll say it if you are not going to. it's a baaber. >> he's the black sheep of the group. >> naked sheep. >> i'm not going to get sheepish after that performance especially when he tied the nudist colony in with the sheep.
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interesting tie-in. it's cool and cloudy out there. you need a jacket. not a heavy jacket. we are going to climb to the 70s. a beautiful second half of the day. warmer than yesterday by five degrees. mostly dry for the weekend. temps in the 70s. we are not expecting significant rain for at least seven days. if you have turned off your sprinkler system expecting rainshowers, turn it back on, especially in the south bay. high pressure controlling the weather pattern. a storm track. a couple showers sneaking into the north bay but nothing heavy. it's evaporating before it hits the surface. kind of an interesting set up. shower activity in the north bay this weekend. it's nice and dry, sunny by noon. we are climb sboog the 60s and closer to 70 by the afternoon. the complete forecast coming up. let's get you to work.
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mike it's friday. >> it is friday. friday light for the most part. we see the early start to the slowing. it's not as bad. it's reduced volume. a note for you. antioch had earlier slowdowns. we are looking at the venetian and carquinez bridges. no slowdowns now but you will as folks make their tahoe get away. it's going to get crowded around 2:30 or 3:00 toward sacramento. the bay bridge, an 18 minute drive. no back ups and metering lights. turned on just after 6:30. we'll watch that. further to the south, nice easy flow. we are seeing more headlights and taillights. tonight, oakland athletics play, the as. you'll see congestion around 66 and 98. watch for those slow downs.
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no problems here. back to you. >> thanks. time is 5:40. president obama won his first budget battle. now he faces an up hill battle for the next one. the bill working through sacramento that could add.
5:42 am
yo ur other food loves.
5:43 am
the president's signature will be on the dotted line of this year's federal budget. but the fight over the 2012 budget just getting started. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. tracie, our taxes and how the government spend that is money will be a big campaign issue. >> reporter: no doubt about that. we heard the opening round as the president opened his 2012 campaign up in chicago where he talked a bit about the 2012 budget situation and the fact that he wants to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans.
5:44 am
he said that we can't afford $1 trillion in tax cuts for the rich while americans are struggling. republicans, of course, here have said these are the people creating jobs. it is not wise to raise taxes on them. what's happening here today? a vote on the republican version of next year's budget. this is the budget put forest by paul ryan. it's $6 billion less than what the president proposed in february. a lot of the savings come from social programs that democrats say americans desperately need right now, especially medicare. it would radically change medicare. they are looking at a voucher program where they give money to seniors and they shop for insurance on their own. the vouchers go down in value and seniors end up paying more. it's shaping up to be a big debate here. we'll get the first vote on the republican version of the budget
5:45 am
sometime later today. >> thanks for the update there. for three months, family and friends stood by the hospital bed of a san jose teenager to come out of her coma. all the time, the hit and run driver remains at large and likely behind a wheel. today, loved ones will hold a fund-raiser for shay shaw on meridian avenue in san jose. a driver hit the high school student in january as she was walking with her boyfriend near the intersection of camden avenue in san jose right around 1:00 a.m. new gay rights battle could play out in california. this one is over school textbooks. the state senate passed a bill that requires students gay history in social studies. it's intended to show the contributions of lbgt.
5:46 am
critics say the bill is pushing a gay agenda. the assembly has to vote on that bill. meanwhile, an antibullying bill is a step closer to being approved in california. if it passes, it would create antiharassment policies and programs on school campuses across the state. the measure is named seth's law after a gay teen committed suicide after years of being bullied at school. b.a.r.t. is paying $1 million for their current manager to leave. the incoming gm will make less money. he will be paid $160 an hour to take over the job. it's $150,000 per fiscal year. the severance package includes a
5:47 am
$985,000 pay out. >> we want to check the forecast. it's friday. christina has the latest. >> it's always lighter around here on a friday because we love our weekend. i'm sure you do as well. as we head through the weekend, the weather is going to bring about gorgeous, gorgeous conditions. beautiful for outdoor activities. you can give your heater a break all weekend long. you don't need to run the ac or the fan. the temperatures are going to be perfect. a cool start. cloudy this morning. by this afternoon, a few light east bay showers. maybe a few north bay showers. it's looking more and more likely. we are seeing it get a little bit close to the bay area. mostly dry conditions. temps in the 70s. mid 70s in some cities as we head into sunday. here is what's happening. a big ridge of high pressure in place. the clouds are arcing up and around the strong ridge. the storm track is just to the
5:48 am
immediate north. a few showers sneaking into the north bay. it's evaporating with the ridge of dry high pressure. we are not expecting a lot. if anything, light and spotty in nature. the best chance is in the north bay. we could see activity in the northern portion of the east bay as well. 46 in sunnyvale. 48 in san jose. turning to the 60s by noon. it's going to get nice around here for today. as we head throughout the weekend, oh, 73 degrees on sunday. you just can't ask for better weather than that. let's see how the drive is looking with mike inouye. >> we can see the construction on the sharps at hp pavilion. back and forth really for the first three periods. sharks score first. kings answer. regulation ends 2-2.
5:49 am
in overtime, there's a four-hand shot past the goalie for the overtime goal. sharks win, 3-2. game two is saturday at the tank. the giants are on the road tonight. they are going to play in phoenix against the diamond fwaks. matt cane is going to take the field. they have scored 10 or more runs in three of the last six games. you can get a world championship ring just like the players picked up last saturday. the team is rattling off the ring. the proceeds benefit their charity fund. the winner getting the ring and their name engraved on it as el. we have a link on our website, the raffle closes on july 26th. >> how much fun would that be? >> that would be totally cool. >> the giants world series. the time is 5:49. >> teens and young adults all
5:50 am
over the country banning together today to battle bullying. gadget friday. it's a keyboard for your keyboard for your phone. it doesn't make sense. it probably won't later either. a map to the tunnel. we are looking at highway 24 exit nine. where we have the friday light interruptions and what to expect in your commute. become a fan of nbc bay area morning news on facebook. then look for details to see rod stewart and stevie nicks april 20th. live nation is helping us give out the tickets. h the details are on our page at nbc bay area morning news.
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welcome back, everybody. a live picture from the bay bridge. we have been showing you the shot at the tower, the main tower there. it's going to be taller today. they are adding more to it and they are not finished. how high it is now and how high it's going to be. b.a.r.t. is ensuring passenger safety in antioch. leaders say 38 security cameras are going to be installed around the parking lot. an extra b.a.r.t. police will be on patrol. they will have at least one attendance on the job during the day. it would not be staffed at night. it's on the median of highway 4 and hill crest avenue. we want to check your friday morning commute with mike inouye. >> speaking of highway 4 just after hill crest, the slowdowns are beginning. below 40 all the way to l street
5:54 am
and clearing by the time you get toward harbor. things are moving through bay point as well. westbound 580, we have that debris left over after a semi got in an accident with a vehicle. just some debris, no delays. 580 continues smoothly. here, southbound 880 at 92, we have a disabled vehicle there. we'll watch for that. meanwhile, get a live look out there and see how sunol is shaping up. 101 crosses 680. the photographer is showing increased volume. 101 all the way to the peninsula, a nice drive across the golden gate bridge. a burst of traffic as folks head into the city. a note for the weekend, i'll be in tomorrow hosting two benefit
5:55 am
concerts. the proceeds go to the damage caused by the earthquake. northern japan earthquake fund is going to benefit. blues legend el vin bishop is a big blues mix. there's a lot happening saturday. that's of course in the cherry blossom festival. a lot going on for me and my family. >> thanks. we are talking act the disaster in japan. the owner of the leaking nuclear power plants is paying the people forced to leave the area. japan's trade ministry ordered the operator of the tsunami power plant to pay $12,000 to each household forced to evacuate because of the radiation leaks. more than 50,000 people are eligible but many say the compensation is not enough. hundreds of thousands of students are going to take a vow of silence today. the national day of silence is
5:56 am
to bring attention to antigay name calling, bullying and harassment in schools. they will hold activities to make changes in the school and communities. the service is a public service announcement from the gay, lesbian network sponsoring the event. scott here now. it is friday, gadget friday. he's got the latest one for us. >> i won. i got three. you are going to be helping out on this. the i thumbs key pad. this is video that we have of the thumbs device. it's available. it's an overlay that goes over your iphone. you think i'm kidding but i'm not. it creates a tactile feel to the key pad so those people who swear they cannot type on an iphone now have an answer.
5:57 am
i have another one for you. brent you have it in your hand. the ipad strap. show it off there, if you would. there's the ipad. turn it around. what's on the back? it eeps a strap. it's like a puppet. stick your hand through it. there you go. >> look at that. huh? >> this will cost you a couple bucks. it's under $20 for the ipad strap. you can walk around. it's like a safety device. >> i have one more for you, the i rig mic. it goes into your ipad using this jack. we used this to send news voice overs over the internet. very, very cool. that's it. >> all you have to do is plug it in and go? >> go. >> appreciate it. more news after the break.
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